Coastview Prophecies Series

Blinded in an accident, only she can see the truth.

Losing her parents and her sight changes everything for Sibyl Forsyth. Terrified and refusing to accept the gift that she can now “see” into the supernatural realm, Sibyl stays holed up in her backyard, closed off from the outside world.

When she’s plagued with a vision of a catastrophic event, Sibyl knows she can’t possibly sit back and watch her California coastal town’s ultimate demise. Reluctantly, Sibyl sets out to stop her premonition from coming true. With the help of her shifter guide dog, Vago, the two join forces to save the day as they encounter intensely evil spirits with a vicious vendetta. In a race against time, Sibyl and Vago battle their own demons while trying to save the town from an explosive ending that nobody else sees coming.

Hidden Sight is Dead Zone meets Odd Thomas with a heroine who you might just fall in love with.








As horrifying as the future is, she sees it all.

Sibyl Forsyth doesn’t know which is harder: navigating the supernatural realm or staying afloat at Hillside University. After all, she can’t even seem to register for classes.

When she receives a terrifying vision of a sacrifice happening at the next Blood Moon, Sibyl is hellbent on tracking down the demon who’s initiating the gruesome ritual. But solving this mystery is harder than she imagined. Teaming up again with her reliable sidekick, Vago, and other allies in her fight against evil, Sibyl vows to save the innocent victims before they’re sacrificed. Can she save the town before it falls prey to evil’s reign?

If you enjoy stories with supernatural visions, suspense, and budding romances, then you’ll love Pond’s latest urban fantasy series! It’s Dead Zone meets Odd Thomas, but with a heroine who has a lot of heart.